Though in daily life I’ve never heard the Angelus sung, only recited (even in Latin-using monasteries), this is a lovely sung version that is not hard to learn:

Here is the text in Latin and English and some history of the prayer.

Marian Antiphons

Here’s a great blog post about the well-known Marian Antiphons sung at the end of Compline (and sometimes on other occasions). This particular post focuses on Ave, Regina Caelorum. Here’s a translation from the site, different from the usual English version:

Hail, queen of heaven, hail lady of the angels. Hail, root, hail the door through which the Light of the world is risen. Rejoice, glorious Virgin, beautiful above all. Hail, O very fair one, and plead for us to Christ.


The Crowning of the Virgin, by Pietro Perugino [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons